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Arctic Solar Ventures

Lifelong Alaskan, Stephen Trimble, founded Arctic Solar Ventures (ASV) in April 2015.  ASV’s main mission is renewable energy and being a force of good for society.    Free solar assessments are provided to customers to determine if solar power is an appropriate energy alternative for their home or business.

ASV is a tireless promoter renewable energy projects and is a preferred Green Star partner.  Stephen and his team at ASV assisted the Green Star Community program on several solar projects over the past year and have more planned for the future.  ASV has worked hard to bring renewable energy to remote communities, reduce dependence on expensive fossil fuels and provide sustainable energy for communities throughout Alaska.

To complete the Green Star program, Arctic Solar Ventures implemented a recycling program, both in their office and out in the field.  They also reduced water consumption through the use of low-flo faucets in restrooms and break room sinks.

Green Star congratulates Arctic Solar Ventures on their hard work in achieving the Green Star award.

Contact Arctic Solar Ventures:

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Stephen Trimble

(907) 268-4188
1407 W. 31st Ave. Suite 301
Anchorage, AK 99503