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K2 Aviation

K2 Aviation Service is currently Denali National Park’s Highest Scoring glacier landing company.  The flight seeing service shows visitors the wonders of Denali National Park and the Alaska Range from the air.  Through its pioneering approach of using larger planes for flight seeing tours, K2 has been able to maximize the number of visitors able to experience glacier landings in the park while, at the same time maintain a smaller footprint and reduce overall impact per visitor.  K2’s motto of “flying better, safer and more efficiently” promotes Green Star core principles.

Every year, K2 flies scores of climbers up to explore and climb Denali.  Climbers and support personnel require tons of materials for climbing operations, but in turn generates a lot of waste.  K2 is tasked with backhauling much of the climber generated waste off the mountain.  The waste is staged at their Talkeetna base and taken for disposal at an approved landfill.

Green Star standards are practiced by employees and visitors alike at the K2 home office.  Recycling is collected and low flow faucets are used to reduce water consumption.  Used engine oil is collected from K2’s fleet of planes and ground transportation vehicles and burned to heat the primary maintenance hanger.  Burning used oil for energy recovery not only reduces fuel costs, but also keeps hazardous substances from being disposed of off-site.  The used oil program has expanded to include K2’s partner company, Rust’s flying Service, and their fleet of vehicles.


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(907) 771-2117
14052 E. 2nd St.
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