Environmental Worker Training and Endorsement

New training from the Alaska Forum Environmental Technician Apprenticeship Program prepares graduates for immediate employment in a variety of environmental job fields. 

Skilled environmental workers are needed in Rural Alaska communities where new resource developments, contaminated sites, illegal dump areas, solid waste management issues and other desired environmental services are creating new employment opportunities.  Many jobs are seasonal and require little experience – but do require state and federal certifications and training.

Environmental Worker trainings are designed to provide entry level skills and certifications in a variety of environmental jobs and can be the beginning of a pathway to a career in an environmental field.  All trainings offered by Alaska Forum are approved related instruction for an Environmental Technician Apprenticeship, and graduates are encouraged to apply for an Environmental Technician Apprenticeship. However, you do not have to be in the Apprenticeship program to attend Environmental Worker training.

Environmental Worker Endorsements require completion of both Basic and Level Two Environmental Worker trainings.  Basic Training provides the minimum required certifications or training for entry level employment and Level Two training provides additional related certifications and skills.  Environmental Worker Endorsements include:

Environmental Worker Trainings were created to quickly respond to local workforce needs and opportunities - classes and certifications are selected based on current and projected local jobs.

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